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One of the great things about the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the S-Voice feature that allows you to make calls and send text messages without ever having to touch your phone. On my way back from work, I took a call and had a full conversation without the other person knowing it was from my Galaxy Gear the whole time. If the watch is close enough (approx. 1ft from your face), the other person on the line won’t even question whether they are on speaker or not. I was able to take the call without having to pull out my Note 3. 

This new gadget definitely makes you feel like you’re in the secret service. 

Battery Test on Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear

The battery on the Note 3 is excellent. My previous phone (Galaxy S2) would be down to about 60% by around 3pm with the same usage. During the test the following were activated: 




-Air View

-Smart Stay


-Periods of WIFI connection

The Galaxy Gear has not been charged for 3 days and it’s sitting at around 40%. 

Overall, the battery life on these two products are very very good. 

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